Rhythmic Stars/Introduction to Rhythmic Gymnastics

(All Ages):

Each week gymnasts will explore fun basic exercises, tumbling activities and a new rhythmic gymnastics skill.  Gymnasts will be introduced to rhythmic gymnastics hand apparatus as well as different body skills performed in the sport.  Music and dancing will be incorporated in each class.​ 

Class Requirements:

  • Participants in the program must wear a leotard or basic dance clothes
  • Clothing should be tight fitting and not baggy
  • Hair should should be pulled back away from the face in a bun

United Rhythmics offers recreational classes for girls of all ages.  No experience is necessary to participate in this program as gymnasts will be placed in appropriate levels as they progress.  Our goal is to provide a quality program in a fun environment and to develop potential of grace, flexibility, balance, coordination, strength and self confidence in every gymnast.  Our program includes basic training in rhythmic ballet, dance and fun with apparatus interwoven with music.  

Recreational Program

Stretching and Conditioning (ages 5+):

Each week participants will work through rhythmic gymnastics stretches and conditioning exercises. This class is perfect for ballerinas, dancers, ice skaters, gymnasts and cheerleaders!

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