Competitive Team

Gymnasts who would like to participate in our competitive program will be placed in a competitive level by the coach based on experience, age and time put into practice. This program is rewarding with new experiences and friendships however, cost, responsibility and commitment increase as well.

Level 3
Level 3 the is the first evaluation stage in a rhythmic gymnast's competitve development.  The gymnasts compete 3 routines, floor and two apparatus routines. The goal is to learn the basics of rhythmic gymnastics skills and apparatus handling. The gymnasts will compete 1-2 times a year at invitational meets. 

Level 4
Level 4 gymnasts compete 3 routines, floor and two apparatus routines. The goal is to improve on the skills learned in previous levels and gain more experience with the sport. The gymnasts will compete 2-4 times a year at invitational, state and regional competitions.

Level 5 and 6
Level 5 and 6 gymnasts compete 4 routines, floor and three apparatus routines. The goal is to develop flexibility, strength and handling skills while improving skill levels. The gymnasts will compete 3-5 times a year.

Level 7 and 8
Level 7 and 8 are designed to prepare the gymnasts for the advanced skills of the FIG Program.  They compete in floor and three other apparatus routines.

Level 9
Level 9 is the second highest level in rhythmic gymnastics.  This level is for advanced gymnasts who have demonstrated basic FIG requirments in previous levels and is ready for the challenge of the full FIG Program.  Level 9 gymnasts compete four apparatus routines

Level 10
Rhythmic gymnasts can obtain level 10 status by qualifying for the USA National Championships at the National Qualifier competition.

Elite Status
Rhythmic gymnasts can obtain elite status by placing in the top 12 in the country at the USA National Championships.  The top 8 become the USA National Team.